The Doctors and Hospitals in Bahrain

When it comes to our health, nothing is more important. It is the most precious gift we ever got, money or other physical possessions never being as precious as our own wellbeing. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy life. So how do we take care of our health? By accessing the best medical services and doctors. But when it comes to doctors and hospitals, you may hear different opinions, coming from your family, friends, people you know or complete strangers. These opinions can be subjective, as they are triggered by personal experiences, and won’t help you too much in decided which hospital or doctor you should choose. Luckily, for everyone living in Bahrain, the Quality Doctor Magazine will give you all the information you need in this sector.

Quality SCHOOL Magazine


Educates, Inspires and Informs

Q School Magazine is an excellent opportunity to promote anything related to education and related fields. This magazine will give a detailed insight about educational institutes ranging from nurseries and schools to colleges and universities.


Whether you’re looking for a budget playschool for your child or deciding on your field of specialization in college, Q School magazine covers all areas across the education sector in the kingdom of Bahrain.


Our magazine aims to empower students as well as parents of students to read and explore ways of pursuing unconventional educational choices as well as give high school students information on colleges, courses, eligibility and scholarships within the country and abroad. Plus let the students get the chance to know what all they can enjoy in the entertainment sector as well. Then we also want students from around the globe know  what all they can enjoy in this beautiful island.


Q School Magazine is run managed by an experienced team of editorial, publishing, and advertising specialists.


An Annual magazine with its first issue releasing in 2016, Q School Magazine promises guaranteed visibility throughout the year.